Prepaid Itemized Bill in Website


1. What is Prepaid itemized bill in website?


Ans: Now all existing and new prepaid customer can check their details usage log from anywhere in the world through internet:


2. What type of information will be there?

Ans: Prepaid itemized bill will contain below info

o Date & time
o Called number (Incoming & Outgoing)
o Data (EDGE/GPRS)
o Duration
o Charged amount


3. Who is eligible for this service?


Ans: All Prepaid customers.


4. For how many days usage details (Itemized bill) will be available?


Ans: Last 30 days.


5. How much is the service charge per itemized bill?


Ans: Only BDT 50 (including VAT) per itemized bill.


6. What is the payment procedure?


Ans: In case of checking itemized through website, payment will be deducted from

customer’s main account of prepaid connection.


7. How to avail this offer?


Ans: First you need to register from website.


• Log in to
• A disclaimer page will come; customer has to accept it to go for registration.
• Enter your mobile number then click register.
• You will receive your password through SMS in your mobile.
• Now enter your mobile no & passwords then click sign-in.

8. How do I get my itemized bill?



• Accept the disclaimer page to go further
• Login with your user name & password
• Insert your mobile number
• You have to select start & end date and then click submit
• After deduct BDT 50 from your account you will receive a transaction ID
through SMS and please keep this ID for future reference to regenerate
itemized bill.
• Downloaded itemized bill will be in PDF format.


9. How do I change my password?


Ans: After login you will see an option for change password.


10. What happen if I couldn’t get my itemized bill due to electricity failure but BDT 50 has been deducted from my account?


Ans: You will receive a SMS after deduction from your account & a transaction ID.
Then login again & you will see a button for regenerate itemized, just put the
transaction ID in that field and download. There will be no charge for reprint.